Spanish Services

I have been translating since I was a teenager, from recipes to medical documents. No matter where I have worked, translating and interpreting has always mixed their way into my duties.

Since 2022, I have been translating crochet patterns from English to Spanish and doing testing for those who have translated their own patterns making sure it’s communicated well. I have been privileged enough to translate patterns for the Club Crochet community and others. While I am mainly translating crochet patterns, I continue to work on non-crochet-related projects.

Why should you get your patterns translated?

Translating your work to another language will help connect you to a broader audience and could help others learn English too. It is important because people tend to prefer their native language. Even if someone speaks English fluently, having a pattern in their native language can help them to better understand the pattern. I know that having patterns available in both English and Spanish helps when I am tired and my brain is stuck in one language or the other.

How much does it cost to translate patterns?

I try to make translation affordable and am willing to negotiate depending on the amount of translation needed. Pricing is set at $25 per hour with a 1-hour minimum.

How long does it take to translate a document?

Once I confirm that I have accepted your order, I will give you an estimated time and cost. Depending on the amount of translation, I can get documents done in 1-3 hours.

Should you decide that you want your work translated, feel free to contact me at for an estimate.

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